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Elie Bursztein is Google & DeepMind AI Cybersecurity technical and research lead. His research focuses on creating novel AI-powered cybersecurity capabilities and ensuring AI remains safe and secure for all.

Recently he was involved in the development of Google Secure AI Framework, the inception of Password checkup, Google large scale privacy-preserving service that warns 4B+ users if their passwords are compromised, and the creation of the first SHA-1 collision.

Elie authored over 60 academic publications for which he has received more than ten best paper awards. He has given dozens of talks at premier industry conferences and received multiple industry awards, including a Black Hat Pwnie award.

Passionate about education he gives countless guest lectures at numerous universities including Stanford, Berkeley, and Tsinghua. Elie's work is regularly featured in major news outlets, including the Wall Street Journal, CBS, Forbes, Wired, the Huffington Post, and CNN.

He is the founder of the Etteilla Foundation, the leading non-profit organization dedicated to preserving and promoting the rich cultural heritage of playing cards and a tarot history expert.

Beret aficionado, Elie tweets at @elie, and performs magic tricks in his spare time. Born and raised in Paris, he received an engineering degree from EPITA and then a Ph.D. from ENS-cachan before completing a postdoc at Stanford University. Elie joined Google in 2011, DeepMind in 2023, and now lives with his wife in Mountain View, California.

Selected Projects


Strengthening Google accounts protections against hijackers and fake accounts


Redesigning Google CAPTCHA to make it easier for humans, resulting in a 6.7% improvement in the pass rate


Deprecating security questions at Google after completing the first large in-the-wild study on the effectiveness of security questions


Finding the 1st SHA-1 full collision


Conducting the first large-scale study on the illegal online distribution of child sexual abuse material in partnership with NCMEC


Developing Keras tuner which became the default hypertuner for TensorFlow and TFX


Inventing Google's password-checking service, Password Checkup


Developing a deep-learning engine that helps to block malicious documents targeting Gmail users


Creating the first post quantum resilient security keys


Magika, a novel AI powered file type detection tool that relies on the recent advance of deep learning to provide accurate detection


Magic Tricks


Recent Press

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