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Elie leads Google's anti-abuse research team, which invents transformative solutions that help protect users against online threats.

Elie Bursztein leads Google’s Cybersecurity Research Team, which invents transformative security and anti-abuse solutions that help protect users against online threats. His research focuses on applied cryptography, machine learning for security, protecting at risk users, and web security.

Recently he was involved in the development of password checkup, a privacy-preserving service that tells users if their passwords are compromised, and the first SHA-1 collision. Elie is the author of 50+ academic publications for which he has received seven best paper awards. He has given over 20 talks at leading industry conferences and received multiple industry awards, including a Black Hat Pwnie award.

Passionated by education he gave countless guest lectures at numerous universities including Stanford, Berkeley, and Tsinghua. Elie's work is regularly featured by major news outlets, including the Wall Street Journal, CBS, Forbes, Wired, the Huffington Post, and CNN.

Elie is a beret aficionado, tweets at @elie, and performs magic tricks in his spare time. Born in Paris, he received a Ph.D. from ENS-cachan in 2008 before doing a postdoc at Stanford University and then joining Google in 2011. He now lives with his wife in Mountain View, California.

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